The export tax rebate rate of abrasive products may be adjusted

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Update time : 2018-04-21 20:42:12
On December 24th, the State Council convened a standing meeting to deploy measures to expand consumption and maintain foreign trade growth. According to the spirit of the meeting of the State Council and the actual conditions of our industry, the State Council of the Abrasives and Abrasives Branch timely reflected the industry’s demands to the General Meeting of the Machine Tool Industry Association and passed It will always appeal to the relevant state departments to give policy support in the current situation where the industry is operating in a difficult situation.

1. The export tax rebate rate for industrial abrasive products should be adjusted from the current 5% to 11%;

The 15% tariff imposed on brown fused alumina that began in December should be suspended, or the current ad valorem tax should be changed to specific taxes to encourage the export of high value-added products to limit the export of low value-added raw material products and improve the structure of export products.

2. The “Industry Industrial Development Policy Study” was adjusted as soon as possible to adjust the “Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment”, and the following products of the abrasives abrasive industry were listed as encouraged products, and credit and other policies were given support.

1. Abrasives manufacturing projects for CNC machine tools (including φ400 grinding wheels);

2. R&D and manufacturing of high-speed, precision, heavy-duty grinding, energy-saving and low-temperature bonded abrasives;

3, ceramic microcrystalline abrasive (SG abrasive) zirconium alumina abrasive and other new abrasive;

4. Fine powders of corundum and silicon carbide with particle sizes less than F230.
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