Self-sharpening diamond abrasive

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Update time : 2018-04-21 20:33:08
Due to the irregular shape of the self-sharp diamond abrasive, there are many concave corners and rough surfaces. The resin binder has stronger grip on the abrasive than ordinary diamond. Therefore, under the same conditions of grinding parameters, self-sharpening diamond grinding wheel and ordinary Compared with diamond grinding wheels, the grinding ratio increased by more than 60%. And since the inside of the self-sharpening diamond abrasive is a mosaic of many individual sub-grains, only a few irregular irregularities collapse under the stress, leaving many particles on the surface of each particle. The new small cutting edge results in a low surface roughness of the machined workpiece.

Compared with ceramic and metal bond grinding wheels, resin bond grinding wheels are characterized by low grinding force, low grinding heat, good self-sharpening, and high grinding efficiency. They are widely used in hard brittle materials such as hard alloys, ceramics, and glass. Grinding.

Currently, about 60% of the world's abrasive grade diamonds are used to produce resin bonded abrasive wheels. However, due to the commonly used treatment methods, the surface inertness of diamond is not improved much, the resin's infiltration to diamond is not good, and it is more difficult to form a chemical bond between the binder and diamond. The binding force of the binder to the diamond is mainly the mechanical fitting force. Therefore, in the resin diamond wheel produced recently, the holding power of the resin binder to the diamond is not very strong. If we want to improve this situation, we should work hard to improve the mechanical fitting force of the resin binder to the abrasive. According to foreign grinding data, it is reported that after the ordinary diamond resin grinding tool is grinding PI8 (a foreign carbide grade), about 70% of the abrasive material is peeled off before it can fully function. Although diamond surface treatment methods (such as diamond surface coating, surface plating, etc.) can improve the ability of the resin binder to hold the abrasive, due to the complicated production process, high production costs, and the sharpness of the grinding wheel Poor, to a certain extent, limited its application.

The self-sharpening diamond has an irregular shape, a large number of concave and convex rough surfaces, and a mosaic structure composed of a plurality of single sub-grains, so that it is very easily grasped by the binding agent and can maintain continuous and long-lasting self-sharpening and sharp cutting. blade. Grinding performance of self-sharpening diamond resin grinding wheel The grinding test results show that in the self-sharpening diamond resin grinding wheel, the binding agent has a strong holding ability to the diamond, and the grinding ratio is high relative to the ordinary diamond resin grinding wheel and the workpiece surface is machined. The low roughness value has a good practical value.
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